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Alt Tags for Tables

As of now, there is no way to add an Alt Tag to a table.  Doesn't seem to matter if the table was created within Screen Steps or copied over.  For now, we are adding a text section above the table explaining that the table is below ( i.e., "....Codes table below").

Alt tags are VITAL for accessibility requirements.

Corinne Taylor

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Can you point me to some documentation that describes what an ALT tag is for a table? As far as I know, ALT tags are only available for images and are required because a screen reader can't tell what an image is. A table is made up of text and a screen reader can read through the table text.

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I did not take into consideration of the table being seen as text vs. image.  Thank you again for your timely response.

In the mean time we have added a text section above the table for description.  I can double check we have to have it in the tagging to be accessible compliant, however if it will be read like all other text, we should be okay. 

Have a great weekend!




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