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Manuals - Additional Properties (Sub-title, Revision ID, Tags, Meta-data)

We are creating software technical manuals, and we are finding that we need some additional properties for manuals to add to the title page.

The two main items would be a sub-title, and revision ID. We would use sub-titles for client names (for client specific manuals), but this could also be used for any kind of sub-title. This is a fairly common feature of technical manuals. I see that articles have a revision ID that updates any time a change is made. I know that manuals would work a bit differently, since the changes are often not made directly to a manual, but we would like this to update any time an article within a manual is changes, or any time changes are made to a manual (such as chapter titles, moving articles/chapters within the manual).

We could also make use of tags or other meta fields if this would allow for more general use fields that would allow us to achieve the above.


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