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Reference manual with one way changes

One feature I would love to see and would greatly help our environment is to have a master manual we can reference in other manuals, but only the master manual can be updated, the referenced chapters/articles would be view only.

As an example, we create upwards of 50 different manuals at a time and have boiler plate disclaimers, among other things, that need to go in every manual.  The master manual would be kept in a separate site and only administrators would have access to change the content.  We cycle through users every time we release a new manual (twice a year) and they don't always pay attention to the training we give them on ScreenSteps.  Someone will always delete or modify the referenced copy and it affects all the manuals.  This would also ensure the content we want is listed in the manual.  We've also had users hide the articles and they don't get published when the manual gets published.

Dave Rollins

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