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Creating various format types of numbered lists

Currently there are only two options for lists: bullets or numbers. We have a substantial amount of documentation that requires additional list options. For example, in Word there are a variety of different formatting options for numbered lists (a.b.c., A.B.C., I. II. III.). It would be extremely helpful if there were even two of these additional formatting options available such as a.b.c. or i.ii.iii., so that we could produce articles at are similar to the outlines created in Word documents.

Another reason this would be extremely helpful and necessary is for 508 accessibility compliance. If the article is read through any type of screen reader, having lists, sub-lists and sub-sub-lists all using the same type of formatted numbers will not be communicated effectively.

Gretchen Fulmer

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I am wondering if there has been any movement on this issue? We are getting a lot of push from our eLearning department to conform to 508 accessibility compliance. These lists, as they are now, will not be communicated in an effective manner.

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