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Additional options for administrative metadata (especially for articles)

We have started using Screensteps quite extensively and find ourselves in a situation, where we would like to have:

  • more control over the available article "Status" values; ideally we would be able to define our own (additional) Status values
  • additional "Status"-like data fields (e.g. "Priority", "Version" [i.e. for which upcoming version an article must be completed/updated], etc.)
  • additional free text fields or a field for tags, so we can assign markers to indicate that the article if current as of a certain version(s) of our product (e.g. "v7.3"), product line (desktop vs. server vs. CLI vs. SDK. vs. ...),  or all kinds of other things
  • a text field for free text comments, in order to provide notes or instructions that are linked to the article (not a specific version of the article, as can already now be done with the revision comments)
  • in an ideal world there would be the possibility to custom define and use any number of such fields, of type list, tags, free text, checkbox

The order of the items as listed abive reflects their perceived urgency (top most is most urgent)




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